gratitude-a-thon day 416: covering the gray with a ride on the side

What? Just because I’m wearing a boot, you thought I was going to let my hair go gray or something?

On Thursday, I had a hair appointment. I’m still in the boot, and can’t drive, and Peter couldn’t take me and nether could the two other friends I asked. So, I emailed my hairdresser, Ron and asked if he’d pick me up! WHAT, YOU THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO STOP HAVING MY HAIR DYED BECAUSE OF MY STUPID FOOT?

Anyway, I have talked about Ron here before. He’s been my go-to guy for 23 years. Minus the year he lived in San Francisco, which was sort of fine, because I was pregnant and just grew my hair out mostly, anyway. He’s not only a great colorist and stylist, he’s a really great guy, and a really great friend. And he not only picked me up, he also brought me home, and because he knows so much about computers, (he could also work for the freaking Genius Bar), he actually came over and fixed my time machine, which had stopped working. But not before we stopped at Clover to get the egg and eggplant sandwich, fries and asian celery salad. We gobbled them down in my backyard, with the sun shining down on us (slightly bummed that it was a tad too early for some wine).

I’m always grateful when I get to go have my gray disguised, but this past week, it was a whole other story. I mean, talk about service. Thanks, Ron! See you in three.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 416: covering the gray with a ride on the side

  1. Too funny! I had a great time spending a bit of the afternoon with you. I’m still dreaming of that orgasmic eggplant and egg sandwich! In fact, just made a trip to Whole Foods® to pick up some tahini to attempt that fabulous tahini sauce for it! Thank you for introducing it, and Clover to me! XOXO

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