gratitude-a-thon day 415: small bites friday


It’s that time. Small bites Friday. Some little things I’m grateful for.

Ok, good news, I can stop shaving my chin, standing next to my husband.

Sorry, Kim, but I’m only upset that dude didn’t smack some sense into you.

Guess who gets to wash her foot today?!!!!! It’s the little things, people.

Only four more days until Lena Dunham’s book arrives. For a girl who mostly needs to keep her foot up for another two weeks, this is like she wrote it just for me.


The movie is out. The Times doesn’t like it. I’m still going.

Does the NFL think we’re as intelligent as the stupid game they play?

Round up of the 25 best design blogs. Hey honey, let’s re-do the whole house.0057778756b7c7004f61eef2ac1b846b

I don’t know, I’m not so sure bigger is better.

It’s maze time. I got lost in this one once (talk about no sense of direction).

Want, need, must have. 8565550_fpx.tif

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