gratitude-a-thon day 418: teaching an old dog new tricks


Last Sunday I hobbled to the Westin Hotel (with absurdly swollen eyes from crying the previous night over the news that a friend had died) for something my husband and I had signed up for the previous month, called One Day University, sponsored by the Globe. And yes, I graduated.

There were eight classes offered and you got to choose between two every few hours. Because the Jimmy Fund walk was going on, the Westin, literally 15 minutes from our house took an hour to get to because we were re-routed through the North End, so we missed The Civil War and Abraham Lincoln: What’s the Fact and What’s the Fiction. But we did make the Science of Happiness (kids don’t make you happy, but people think they will, gratitude will improve your happiness–can you say gratitude-a-thon), The Genius of Michelangelo (he was really egocentric, with good reason though, right?), and Untangling the Web: Why the Middle East is a Mess and Always Has Been (which by the way, did not untangle the web for me and left me even more confused, as if that’s even possible).

Anyway, this thing was really fun. There’s another one in March, and I think we’ll go again. And if my son doesn’t do more studying and less partying this year, it may be a good school for him to transfer to.

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