gratitude-a-thon day 420: what’s left


I keep trying to forget that a friend of mine died almost two weeks ago. I keep trying to push it out of my mind, move it over, find a big field to put it, where it isn’t so IN MY FACE. Because when I think about her, when I think about her being gone, I get an overwhelming bunch of feelings that seem like they could just take over the ship.

It’s funny how you can have a genuine connection with someone that you don’t see that much. But Katie was so electrifyingly dynamic that her impact on me was Empire State Building huge. I keep thinking of that smile, dentists everywhere would envy, and that passionate conviction she toted around like an extra limb, and that they are no longer in play, and how damn sad that is. For those who knew her, and those who didn’t.

I’m listening hard to what she left behind.


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