gratitude-a-thon day 421: small bites friday

For those of you freaking out, here’s an information-laden article on ebola from the NYT. I’m not going to Africa anytime soon, but CNN, read this, and chill, wouldja.

My friend took me to  lunch yesterday and I had a big glass of wine and then shopped. And quite by surprise, found an amazing pair of sunglasses that did not make me look like my nose was attached to them, so I bought them. Take that, you silly boot! (And my foot isn’t swollen today, even though it was the most walking I have done, since surgery–yippee!)


If I ever decide to go under the knife (and it’s not on my foot), I’d use this guy. Jeesh!

I am anxious to see Gone Girl, but equally anxious about it not being as good as the book. Dilemna.


Why can’t  republicans be like the Prez on Scandal, concerning gun control? Why, why, why?

I hereby promise that if I ever become super wealthy, I will not fall into this category.

Boston City Hall and color in the same sentence, now that’s something to see. 

Don’t ask me to go out on Shonda-licious Thursday, I will not miss Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder (and, yes, I know I can DVR them).


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