gratitude-a-thon day 422: when a moment is just the rightest



Could there be a better pillow? This morning, Riley cuddled up to me, and plopped himself down in the little hollow close to my chest. He’s pretty affectionate, but he isn’t always the one to initiate a cuddle, so I wanted to freeze the moment, because it felt like a perfect sliver of time, like when you’re holding a sleeping baby, or kissing the love of your life after a long absence, or slipping into a warm bed when you are shivering to the bone. You breathe in deeply, you stop the clock, because you know it will be gone in a number of minutes, so you try to memorize it, add it to the section of your brain that still has some room, so you can pull it out when you need it, when it’s freezing in the middle of winter, and you think you’ll have to wear your comforter to go grocery shopping. Mmmmm, it was that kind of moment. That kind of perfect moment.

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