gratitude-a-thon day 447: small bites friday


In the pouring rain and howling wind, Brookline Girls Varsity Soccer made it to the playoffs yesterday. It hasn’t been done in 25 years. Yup, vientecinco, people. #youkilleditwarriors.

I used to really like the Huffington Post, but with headlines like “Ebola hits Gotham,” I’m not feeling it so much anymore. Come on, Arianna, what are you competing with The Daily News? (Even their headline, “NY Doc Has Ebola.” wasn’t as sensationalist).

Looking for a little Halloween make-up? Here you go. Kinda like the zipper face, myself.

That song is for the birds. No really, it might be.

The holidays are coming. Maybe a condo pony is just the gift you need for that special someone?

Don’t you just hate when you text the wrong person? #oooops.

I used to shoot film only in black and white. I loved the way it spun the world.

The thing about Renee Zellwegger and her “new look” that’s disturbing is, if she has had plastic surgery, why not just fess up? What’s the big deal? She works in an industry where you’re not allowed to age, so it’s basically like updating her skill set to make sure she can keep her job. I mean, right?

Wishing Tom Menino every comfort as he seeks hospice care.

Monica Lewinsky, who couldn’t live on the moon, without someone recognizing her, has come out of the shadows to talk about cyber bullying. I give her credit. She was a kid who fell in love with her boss. We don’t always make the best decisions in our 20’s, do we?

Hey, Barney’s now has a Warehouse on their site. #nowthatsexcitingshoppingnews.

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