gratitude-a-thon day 476: small business saturday, where to shop

It’s Small Business Saturday, which means if you’re shopping today, you should shun the big guys, and go small. Head to the independent businesses who put their heart and soul into it the whole year. Support the industrious and artistic store owners who will talk with you, tell you where they found that fabulous pair of earrings, or where that platter was handmade. Here are my picks for the stores to hit today (and everyday):


1. Joanne Rossman, purveyor of the unnecessary & the irresistible, 6 Birch Street, Roslindale.

This pint sized store is packed with the quirky and unexpected. Joanne is as interesting as her shop, and while it’s a tiny place, I promise the longer you stay, the more you will find. Don’t forget to say hi to co-owner Rita Rose (Joanne’s super cute pup).


2. Shake the Tree, 67 Salem Street, North End, Boston

This adorable store, nestled in the heart of the North End means you can shop and get a lobster claw at Mike’s Pastry at the same time. Ah, life is fucking fabulous! Marian Klausner’s store used to be located in my hood, and I was a frequent visitor. But when she moved, her inventory became even more my style, including a great selection of jewelry (I got a Wendy Mink necklace there last Christmas that is like the flowers on the background of this site, and that I CAN’T SEEM TO TAKE OFF), plus clothes, ceramics, and other cool gifts.


3. Good, 133 Charles Street, Boston

Beautifully edited selection of jewelry, accessories,  home, and gift, this lovely store has been one of my go to’s for special gifts for years. Recently expanded, there’s now more Good to go around.


4. Portobello Road, The Street, Chestnut Hill

Ah, the cashmere, the jewelry case, the designer I’ve never heard of, but now want a closet full of. Portobello Road is a not just a great store to shop for your friends, it’s the place you want your friends to shop for you. The help is stellar, (I LOVE JOANNE), and the inventory will have you swooning. Kudos to, as I like to call them, the “Ina’s,” Marina and Kristina, who’s style and smarts have made this into one of the only boutique shopping experiences in Boston.


5. Simple Pleasures, Richmond Square, Providence, RI

Admittedly, I don’t get to this shopping mecca too often, but it’s a store after my very own heart. The small brick building is so cute, I want to live there, and it’s chock full of all sorts of cool stuff, from jewelry to clothing, gifts and “other.” It’s only an hour from Boston. And I promise, it is a total pleasure.

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