gratitude-a-thon day 488: cool, awesome, like, bae


I’m fascinated by how words become, well, words. What I mean is, how do they actually make their way into our mouths? Oh man, I seem to be at a loss for WORDS, here. How do words become famous? That’s what I am obsessed with. How did “awesome” go from a word occasionally used, to a word used  to describe everything from your dinner to the actual word itself. How did “like” become the new “um,” uttered seven times in every sentence anybody under 40 utters.

Here are the new words for 2015, just so you’re “on fleck” in the new year. And funny story, just showing my elderly state: my kids have been using “bae” for a while now. I caught onto the fact that it was a positive word, but I thought it was short for Beyonce, and that she had become the flawless icon of our time. This article just informed me that it really means “Before Anyone Else.” I’m so awesome.

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