gratitude-a-thon day 487: small bites friday

Doggone it, so that’s why Golden Retrievers are so awesome (cover your ears, Riley).


The Finale finale of Newsroom this Sunday. I am going to miss this show and Mr. Sorkin’s brilliant writing.

There are some new vegetables for 2015. Rainbow carrots, anyone?


Amidst all the cop rage, take a look at this nice story

Watched The Hundred Foot Journey last night. Can Helen Mirren do no wrong?

Great experience with The Goldsmith at Chestnut Hill. Went in for a new battery and they asked if I’d like my rings cleaned, to which I screamed YES! (I love when they’re all shiny and sparkly, for like two minutes). Anyway, they also asked if I’d like them to check the stones in my anniversary bands, and I thought, why not. And they found like a load of them were loose in both rings (like I could have lost them, loose). Anyway, they said it would take a week to do, but to my surprise, they did it in a day, AND THEY SUPER NICE. (They have jewelry, too, by the way!)

I had lunch this past week at that Season’s 52 Restaurant in Chestnut Hill. Everything is 475 calories! And it was delicious. I am thinking of moving my bed in there and calling it a day.

I have actually gotten my photo Christmas cards and am writing them out (as opposed to last year when I got my photo Christmas cards and let them sit on my desk without ever writing even one out).

For anyone who remotely cares, or is keeping tabs on my foot, IT’S GREAT. Like really good. Yep, I’ll say it, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?

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