gratitude-a-thon day 501: the day after, the day after

I have been fumbling with WordPress and Photo collage sites for an hour. I feel like I’ve been in a parking lot on black Friday. The thing about technology is that it can make you want to climb to the highest building and either scream until your tonsils pop out of your mouth, or jump for freaking joy at its mind blowing capability. This morning it’s making me want to yell, so if you hear something resembling a wounded animal yelling through a cheerleading megaphone, don’t get all panic-y, it’s just me.

Christmas is over, and already the decorations look so, well five minutes ago. A lotta work, and  this photo says it all. We had a discussion about re-useable wrapping paper yesterday, which was interesting. Something really nice, not all earthy ugly. Also discussed possibility of an app where you could post what you want that would link the items directly to santa, er, or whoever.

IMG_2922I was a little more organized than usual this year, which made me able to enjoy things more. And enjoying things a little more is really nice. I am definitely going to improve my “shopping through the year” thing, and even more of what I did this year, which was not to wrap all in one night, but instead a little at a time. Of course I don’t have young, sneaky kids anymore, who are looking all over the place to see if the presents under the tree are from you or the big guy, so it’s a little easier. Those little detectives will not allow you to make it easy.


Riley really loved his stocking. He got an esophagus of some animal, and that thing was a hit, I’ll tell you. Nobody gave me one, which I was grateful for. But I did score some great presents, the gift of being with my family, the best damn one of all.

My sister’s Christmas table. It was so pretty. I gave her this beautiful buddha decoration, which I wanted to take back. It’s from Shake the Tree in the North End.


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