gratitude-a-thon day 502: winner in the “random acts of kindness” category

The Soldiers Home, Chelsea.


My friend Paul sent me this message:

“A blind high school girl from Melrose high school came unannounced to the soldiers home on Tuesday to distribute 100 Christmas cards to the veterans living there. She made them all by hand using an old Braille machine and also wrote a greeting in each one. I was in tears at this mitzvah. Her name is Daisy Russell. Her real name is Siobhan. But, of course no one could pronounce her name so she adopted Daisy as her moniker. She has a FB page. Just thought you should know…since you’re in the grateful business and all…”

This is the kind of thing I love. A pure-hearted act of kindness. Does Daisy know people in the military, or did she just think it would be a nice thing to do?  Either way: it’s awesome. This is what we all need to do more of (ok, I’ll speak for myself–I NEED TO DO MORE OF). Doing something nice for someone else is not that hard (it doesn’t have to be Daisy-sized). Even the smallest thing you do  doubles in size when it’s out in the open. May karma come on back around to you, Daisy. Thanks for the “random acts of kindness” reminder.

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