gratitude-a-thon day 519: not having to get up


Sleeping late is one of the top great joys of this here life. The ability to just let your natural rhythm decide when you will get out of your cozy bed, is a five star dinner, free luxury, good as a summer day slipped into a Boston winter (it’s 30 out right now, slated to be 43 tomorrow, if I wore bikinis, I’d be out there in one now, lucky for mankind, I do not).

We are empty nest practicing right now, since Ally jetted off with her friend to visit her friend’s grandmother in Arizona. Yes, Ally is sporting summer clothes, swimming, and hiking amidst cactus and desert. Jake called yesterday causing down Pacific Coast Highway, on his way to Malibu Beach.

Peter and I both have colds, but we are sleeping late. Our form of sunshine. Gratitude for that.


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