gratitude-a-thon day 517: long lost small bites friday


Because I love Adam, and this is just too fun. I don’t know, the people in this thing are a little too beautiful, but if it’s real, fucking wow. And if it’s not, it still made me smile all day yesterday, so there’s that. Plus, I can’t stop singing the song.

Because it’s a beautiful place to live (except when it’s winter, and it’s too damn cold). Take a look at Boston.

Check this out–in the category of seriously? I have all I can do to get to the real gym.

I saw a robin hopping around the snow in my backyard yesterday. A harbinger of spring? GAWD, I HOPE SO.

The Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert has a blog. She is lovely. I think for realz, she is just a lovely human being.

What a nice idea. We need more of this. Pizza for all!

6 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 517: long lost small bites friday

  1. I wish I had a talent to crash weddings that would make people this happy to have a “crasher” ! Crashing weddings for a night would be great fun.
    Rosa’s pizza..well….major heart.

  2. I hit a small snow squall today heading downtown Newburyport. I swear at least 20 Robins flew across my Volvo window. I thought, “this is really fucked up!” This is New England. This is winter. I’m grateful we don’t have more snow. It looks pretty but I do NOT miss all that shoveling we had last year… Still, as I write this, the cold wind is blowing at my back… sigh.

    1. after i saw that robin, i saw a cardinal that flew in front of my car when i drove into the driveway a little later in the day. what the what? i’m with you, you know i’m not a winter girl! xoxo

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