gratitude-a-thon day 531: the mac is back

Lots of great video screens last night, behind a band who has been there and is back again.


Last night I saw Fleetwood Mac. And I’ll have what they’re having, because these guys are giving the over 50 crowd, hell the over 60 crowd, a good name. AARP, take note. If you need some celebrity endorsers, call the Mac. Christine McVie is 71, John McVie is 69, Mick Fleetwood is 67, Stevie Nicks is 66, and Lindsay Buckingham, the baby of the band, is 65. AND THESE GUYS CRUSHED IT.

I hadn’t really wanted to go, truth be known, and I was fighting with an ugly migraine yesterday, but Peter bought me the tickets as a Christmas gift, with a note about an article I’d read about how thinking young, might actually make you feel better physically (see my blog post about it). So, he decided we should wind back the hands of time, and hit the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. He loves a theme gift. (Fortunately, we didn’t hit anything, but the DD Center, but we could have, since Providence roads were almost un-ploughed.)

Hey Sharon! I bumped into my high school friend at the show!


Fleetwood Mac was my favorite high school band. My yearbook quote was from “LandsIide.” What teenage girl wasn’t enamored with Stevie Nicks and all her ethereal clothing? I saw the band when I was 17, and last night I saw a friend at the concert, from when I was 17! (Shout out, Sharon!) Not to mention a neighbor who lives a few streets away (Shout out, Deb & Josh!). And in the coincidental category, it was the friend I went to the concert with at 17’s birthday yesterday, (shout out, Steph!) and we were texting before the show. (I don’t know, there seemed some fun in that for both of us!)


Turns out tripping down memory lane with FM was pretty great. Stevie Nicks did a lot of talking to the audience, which was really nice. In fact, the only person who never said a word, was Jon McVie. Everybody else, had some inspiring and grateful words. Stevie is still rocking layers of clothes, and still has long blond hair. Her voice was strong on some songs, not so much on others. But she was crazy likable. And at one point talked about the way the band formed, and how if you have a dream, you should go after that bad boy. I found it pretty inspiring, and not like canned chatter. Christine McVie was more subdued, but sounded great. Lindsay Buckingham was the star of the show, for me. The dude CAN PLAY GUITAR. He had some solos that were absolutely astonishing. He was a real revelation.

And forget it, if you’re thinking these guys came out and played an hour and called it, like Miss Aretha Franklin, who I saw a few years back, and who did more costume changing, than singing, this show was a full 2 1/2 hours. I’m telling you, these people were in good shape (Peter and I, who stood for the whole concert, on the other hand, were pretty exhausted by the end).

Aside from the music, and the chatting, I felt like there was a lot of gratitude on the band’s part last night. Much of what they said when they spoke, was about what they’d all been through personally and professionally (divorces, break-ups, drugs), and how they’d endured, and how grateful they were to not only just be standing, but to be singing. It was very cool. I feel younger already.

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