gratitude-a-thon day 533: small bites friday

Superbowl Haiku

Tired of Tom’s balls.

Can’t we stop.

Me hate the deflate.


In other news, it’s going to snow today. Hurray. I mean, who cares, we already have two feet out there, like a few more inches is really going to matter?

Scandal really went there last night. What a crazy, terrifying episode. Only Olivia would be kidnapped in silk pajamas, right? And if she ever gets rescued, how is she going to get that red wine out of her chair?

Robin Chase, Zipcar co-founder, is smart, like really smart.


Well here’s some good news on Ebola.

Thanks, Pete Wentz, for coming out to talk about your bi-polar disorder. It will help.

Gratitude to the guys who shoveled the Boston Marathon finish line. Nice.


Ok, it definitely looks like Bruce Jenner is transitioning to becoming a woman. Imagine the options for clothes this guy is going to have.



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