gratitude-a-thon day 539: small (and freezing cold) bites friday


In case you haven’t gotten enough of the Super Bowl Half Time Sharks.

I have always trusted Brian Williams. The question is, did he intentionally lie, or remember it wrong?

In other news, it’s going to snow for the next three days. And my iPhone says it’s currently 1 degree fahrenheit. yup.


Harper Lee has written a follow up to To Kill a Mockingbird. #bigexpectations.

I can’t even wait to read this.


Lifestyle changes can change your life. Take a listen to Dean Ornish.

Shut the front door, InStyle magazine. Kerry Washington’s a gorgeous black woman, not a gorgeous Starbuck’s latte woman. At least you learned something.

InStyle photoshopped Kerry skin color, and got a lot of flack for it. Kerry’s happy they started the convo.


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