gratitude-a-thon day 563: small bites friday

Found this really interesting site called Sylelikeu. And then I found  Lisl. She’s fucking awesome.

Not that I don’t want to spend every minute of my day making Riley’s life great, here are some smart dog hacks.

Michael Graves, I will miss you. I have had your teapots for all of my adult life (I have burned three of them).

Michael Graves changed the face of the teapot, not to mention the architectural world.


I’m looking for an organization to give my writing skills to, and I’m finding all sorts of cool ones. Take a look at this one.

I still love Obama. And whether you like him or hate him, you have to admit, he has a great sense of humor and timing.

And I have a hard time losing 5 pounds! Meet Dennis, the dieted down dachshund. Brook Burton, you’re the bomb.

What a great story.


New Yorkers will read books anywhere photos. Love.

For those of you following the Fashion Police saga, Kathy Griffin just quit. Hey E!, I’m available!

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