gratitude-a-thon day 572: knowledge is power, power is honesty

All hail.


In case you think that celebrities have it made in the Hollywood shade, and that they aren’t really like the Us Magazine page “They’re Just Like Us,” Angelina Jolie comes along publishing another Op-ed announcement in the Times about how she has just had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed because her inflammatory markers were elevated, warning that she may have an early stage of cancer. She does not, but she does have my total admiration (as if that’s anything she’s going to be excited about).

Thing is, (as I wrote about here when she had a preventive double mastectomy) Angelina is one of the biggest stars on the planet, married to one of the biggest stars on the planet (they’re like a flipping constellation), but they are no ordinary celebrities. These are some good, quality people. These are people who work for humanitarian causes, who are family-oriented, who try to stay out of the the blinding glare of the Hollywood machine. Because Angelina came forward with this latest health news, in the respected Times, she is helping countless women to examine their health care options. This is big stuff. Forget the movie star label, I say slap Super Hero on her back.

Angelina is more than beautiful (she really is, there needs to be a new word for her). She is a smart and ethical woman, with an intelligence and candor that can affect millions. Long may she live.


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