gratitude-a-thon day 573: changing the rules, or if i were king


Aren’t there days when you just want to change the rules?

I would make life fair. All the pieces and people would move and a major re-org would take place. (It would be exhausting, IMAGINE HOW MANY MOVING TRUCKS YOU’D NEED).

I would de-calorize food, so we didn’t have to spend even a second in the absurd land of having to worry about what we eat, or drink, and instead think about more important things, like cheese and crusty bread. I would kill winter and snow (sorry skiers), and enforce a sunny 70’s, 365 days a year. I would make dogs people. I would de-crown the Kardashians. I would make everybody say hello to each other. I would put Mother Theresa on all of our paper money, maybe even coinage. I would replace baseball with gratitude as our national pastime. I would strong-arm dissenting countries into sitting down in a room with lots of good food and not coming out until they could settle their differences. I would destroy all the guns in a spectacular and fiery fire. I would make everybody dance for two hours a day. Free coffee for all, total beach access, everybody would garden, we’d walk or bike instead of drive. We’d put down our phones, walk away from our computers and look one another in the eyes.

It’s just one of those days. When I’m dreaming of what I wish, instead of what is. Sometimes, it’s fun. And sometimes you do it because reality is so harsh you need a break from it. What’s on your list? What would you change?

One thought on “gratitude-a-thon day 573: changing the rules, or if i were king

  1. Yes yes..I vote for all of these..and..have
    impatient horn honkers fined or have their license taken away
    Require people to REALLY listen
    and make fashionable shoes that don’t hurt your feet
    And have children always live near their parents
    And know that everyone can read and not go hungry
    And know unconditional love.

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