gratitude-a-thon day 573: the life of riley: how i became a dog person

Riley and Tiger, a toy that he’s had since birth (you should see him now). We got him when he was four months because another family was allergic to him. I feel like they got him for us. He was always supposed to be ours.


I didn’t used to be a dog person.

I never liked barking, or stupid dog tricks, or people who talked about pooches like they were real live people. I never thought pictures of dogs were cute, or funny, or stories about dogs were cute or funny, or the dogs themselves were cute or funny. I didn’t understand the concept of a dog being like  a child, or a companion, or a best friend. I didn’t get people who went on exotic vacations and missed their dogs, or people at work, who wanted to know what their dog was doing, I wasn’t moved by sappy dog food commercials, or cute patterned leashes, or the full range of fashion items available for puppies.


I didn’t get it. None of it. Not one thing.

And then I met Riley.

And everything changed. In fact, I seriously will say that my whole life changed. For the better. Because I became a dog person. I will come out and say this silly thing, which is that I love Riley in the same way I love my kids. I would do almost anything, hell, I’m going to go ahead and say ANYTHING for him. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Riley is the best person I know.

Today is his seventh birthday. He’ll get a big, fat bone that will make him super happy. And in turn, that will make me super happy. Because damn, I love that guy. So much. More than you’re thinking. And more than I can even believe.

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