gratitude–a-thon day 602: coming out of the closet

Seriously, THREE Tees? ONE BLACK DRESS? WHA??????

I so wish I was that pared down wardrobe woman who has like only two black shirts because that’s what’s efficient. I have like 50 black shirts, if I have one. (Black is the new black. Don’t let anybody try to tell you it’s not for CRYING OUT LOUD.) I have a large, oversized, somewhat ridiculous 💗 of clothes. I am all I-WANT-THAT-RIGHT-NOW, this-shirt-will-change-my-life, oh-my-God-I’m-drooling-on-the-jeans-now-I-have-to-buy-them, if-I-don’t-bring–this-home-today-I will-spontaneously-combust, my-closet-begged-me-for-this-how-could-I-say-no. It’s a little problem. I am working on it.

So, like look at this article. They had me at “French women.” Because you know how THEY are. One flick of the scarf, and I’m practically faint. All that style, and the Eiffel Tower, too. NOT Fair. But I digress. Five piece wardrobe. What would I do with all my closet space?

I'm sorry, but where's all your stuff?
I’m sorry, but where’s all your stuff?

Actually, I would love to be more together in this department. I would love to be able to slide my hangers easily, and see what the hell it is I own, but I seem to be immune to that kind of order. I am drawn to volume, and choices. Still, a girl can dream. And hey look, super psyched that Ellen is coming out with her own line of clothes. I wonder if wearing them makes you funnier?

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