gratitude-a-thon day 603: small bites friday

Beach people, feast on this.


State Cup game last night. The referees were literally SLEEPING, like, in a COMATOSE state. I’m not mad about the unfairness of it all, but I’m out of my mind because two of our players were hurt due to the “vow of silence” reffing. Ally scored, and played an amazing game, as did her whole super awesome team. We won, but this was a dangerous battle. And it was not cool.

Fox news, NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE. Hey women, we’re happier at home. Let’s invite this dude to dinner and show him how happy we are.

And for all those “happier at home” moms, check this out. Who doesn’t love to clean (hint: ME).

These guys are heroes! That train crash was horrible. Having actually been in a train accident, where three people were killed, I can tell you, it’s terrifying.

There will be music in heaven tonight. Bye bye, B.B.


Don’t you just love looking at real estate (that could fit in your palm)!


Mad Men-athon began Wednesday night and will show every episode until big finish on Sunday. Here’s Salon’s list of best eps.

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