gratitude-a-thon day 625: over the rainbow


Yesterday Ally and I had to go to an appointment in Lexington. When we walked in, it was cloudy, when we walked out, we were in a downpour of every raindrop that has ever lived. We got on 128, where I could hardly see out of the windshield. I was clutching the wheel like it was a piece of Italian bread. The sky was a shape shifting dark gray and black, with peeks of sunlight coming through. About 15 minutes into our drive, a rainbow appeared. I am completely and utterly fascinated by rainbows, for their incredible beauty, but also for their symbolism. Anyway, this rainbow got thicker and bigger and brighter as we drove, and I was literally screaming about how crazy it was. Then it doubled. There were two. I was trying to snap pictures out my window (not a good idea while behind the wheel in sheets of rain), but I really wanted to get a recording of this event, because seriously, it was OUT OF THIS WORLD STUFF. TOTALLY OTHER- WORLDLY. And the light, the light was just crazy beautiful. I’m telling you if God himself popped up in the sky with a thought bubble saying “Look what I can do”, I wouldn’t have been any more shocked at what I was seeing.


When we got off the highway, the rainbow was still in play, but the rain had stopped. I was babbling on and on about the way the sky looked, the rainbow, how I’d never seen anything even close to it in my life. Ally was busy posting on Instagram. We pulled into Wegman’s, and I’m telling you, I’M TELLING YOU, the Wegman’s building was it up like 10 of those Hollywood Premier spotlights were on it. Wegman’s against a dark sky, lit up like the Vegas stip, and a rainbow to boot. I do not think it was a multi-media ad campaign for Wegman’s, but it looked like it.

I have had some personal struggles recently. I am taking this rainbow as a sign. A positive sign. Oh yes, I am. Life is how you experience it. Slow down and notice rainbows. They might be trying to tell you something.

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