gratitude-a-thon day 627: unleash your gratitude:


You know we here (MEANING ME HERE) at the gratitude-a-thon think gratitude is everything, and you probably think it’s a little something too, if you’ve clicked on over to read this. And we here (MEANING ME HERE) never think there are enough ways to show our gratitude to people who do right by us, to friends, neighbors, and countrymen, doctors, lawyers, and indian chiefs. And so we thought we you might like to know how you can show a little gratitude with a cool website, and today, A COOL NEW APP AT THE APP STORE, called

Here’s the deal: my friend Martha, who is like the best neighbor, and a person who always makes sure that you get remembered and thanked for even the smallest thing, and is always super positive, and just like all-around awesome (plus she has twins, and don’t you just have to give it up to ANY WOMAN WHO CARRIED TWO BABIES IN THEIR WOMB FOR NINE FREAKING MONTHS and then NURSED THEM, and then RAISED THEM? DON’T YOU? SERIOUSLY?) created The idea came from the years she spent coordinating teacher and coach appreciation gifts and cards. She thought there might be a better, more meaningful way online to give group appreciation, and was born (just like her twins, but not as heavy, AND BY THE WAY, SHE WENT ON TO HAVE ANOTHER KID, TOO. TWINS AND ANOTHER KID. AREN’T YOU DYING?). And then today, the App was born. (Happy birthday app!)

In fact, right now, this minute the WeGush. com app is waiting for you at the app store, so you should immediately download it for the price of da-da-da-da:  NOTHING. Because it’s free, free, free. Anyway, it offers you a bunch of adorable ways to text your gratitude on your phone (your cell phone, not your home phone–do people even have those anymore). And it’s like, all cute, and has a heart, and your friends will all really like it. Here’s an example of a message you could send (with many more on the way):


Plus then there’s space to add another message. (You can only imagine i would probably use “fuck” somewhere in that message, but I digress). Anyway, I will be downloading the app today. As soon as I stop writing. And I am damn grateful for it. And for Martha for inventing it. And for the fact that she had to have those twins, and I DID NOT (not that they aren’t great, because they are). Ok, everybody go to the app store right now. Say it with me, gratitude.

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