gratitude-a-thon day 631: Caitlyn could teach Rachel a thing or two.

Should Rachel Dolzal and Caitlyn Jenner have coffee? At the heart of it, didn’t they both lie about who they felt they were on the inside versus who they were in reality?

Unfortunately, Rachel hasn’t been able to articulate her story in a way that makes sense. Her interview with Matt Lauer was vague and unsatisfying. It didn’t have the narrative intelligence of Diane Sawyer interviewing Bruce Jenner. Is that because Rachel is not 65, and hasn’t had the time, or the therapy that Caitlyn has benefited from in coming to understand her identity?

As far as I can tell, Caitlyn hurt people by not coming clean with her secret, just as Rachel has hurt people by claiming she was black, instead of telling them she “identifies” with being black. Is it the same? Will Rachel get a docuseries on E! She’s already doing her own hair, so the show would save on that (more money for E!).

I am all for people being who they are. I love that Caitlyn has gotten real with herself. Her truth hurt people by being hidden, but she didn’t walk around like a woman and lie about it. Rachel has openly deceived the world by calling herself black, wearing her hair in styles that are traditionally black, has gone to tanning booths to make her skin appear darker,  has worked on black causes (which is the only silver lining, because it does sound like she has done some good, but why not work on black causes as a white person?). She’s even told people her father was black.

She may need more than a coffee with Caitlyn, she may need a weekend away.

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