gratitude-a-thon day 632: small bites friday

The Charleston church shooting is so wildly beyond the beyond of sad, that I am once again reminded of how much more mental health care we need in this country. Please do your part to help de-stigmatize minds that are sick. Please try and be truthful and open when you talk about mental health. Please watch out for the signs of family, friends and neighbors who might be suffering and struggling. I will get off my soap box now, but damn it, we must do better. (I know I am not talking about the racism and gun violence problem that are part of this tragedy, but don’t worry, I am aware of it).

I am thinking the Pope should run for president. This man has got it going on. (And he tweets, too!)


Where are the escaped convict dudes? I wish they’d just call me so I could know. It’s like a “where’s Waldo” kind of thing.

I have always hated golf. From the dumb clothes to the slow game. But my son is home and he’s been sick for three days with a fever and killer sore throat, and needless to say is not very happy, so I watched golf with him last night. And guess what? He taught me all this cool stuff, and now I like it! BTW, Tiger is so over, but I did give him the best dressed award.

Sometimes marketers get so caught up in their products, they don’t notice what’s right in front of their faces. Take a look at these product names that probably lost somebody their job.


This is a cool history of Jaws on the Vineyard. Big anniversary coming up. I love this movie every time I watch it.

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