gratitude-a-thon day 644: list it


I always have a list going. Don’t you? The list has everything from my work projects, to “get toilet paper” (which obviously can and should trump my work projects). In true old school fashion, I make my list on paper, while also putting it in my phone, with a back-up list written on my brain. I can see it. And I can see it growing, and when it grows too long, and threatens to come out my nose, I get a little overwhelmed.

Why is it that the things we have to do can seem like big, bad wolves when there become a pack of them?

And why is it the more you have to do, the more you get done? I can postpone doing something for a week, if I don’t have a lot going on, but do 22 things in a day, when I have a long and winding list pending. Ah, human nature. Will we ever understand ourselves?

I am currently trying to click some of the things off my list that seem to carry over from week to week. Those things you keep putting on the list, but never get around to, because quite frankly they’re as exciting to do as having a molar extracted without novocaine. Anyway, I am going to get to those things this summer. I have a little plan that involves  paring down to an easier list-making life. It sounds on the one hand like having to sit next to Ann Coulter on two seater plane to Australia, but on the other hand it seems like it could make me feel born again.

Every day is a new day. We get to choose what we do with it. Today, I tackle the list.

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