gratitude-a-thon day 645: kicking and screaming

Only got this pic, as the roaming charges in Canada were crazy high, but here’s Ally at the stadium.

Last night my friend Karen and I watched the Women’s World Cup, eating a big ass salad, and drinking wine, and yelling so dang loudly, Riley thought we might be in danger, and responded with concerned and relentless barking. My house was a hot mess of noise.

Those are stars on my face! I know this isn’t a good pic of you Karen, but seriously, look at me!

Ally and Peter were in the crowd. A meaningful daddy/daughter moment for these two, who have been on Ally’s soccer journey for more than a decade. This is one devoted soccer dad, I can tell you. I go to the games, but I told Peter early on, my back wouldn’t hold up for the kind of driving Ally’s club team required, And so he leaves work, he puts aside whatever he’s doing,  and does the car pool, and always has. And these practices aren’t around the corner. And then there are the tournaments, which are inconveniently located all over the place. Yup, Peter has put on some serious mileage for his girl.  And has learned about a sport that he never had any interest in. In fact, he will watch it by himself now (which isn’t saying much, as the people in my house will watch fucking fly fishing if it’s on, so obsessed are they with sports). So, this game was a perfect way to kick off the summer of choosing a college Ally can play soccer at.

I too, have learned to love soccer. And the US team really has my heart. What woman doesn’t love a game that so empowers girls? I’ve seen that ball change lives, make girls sweat with happiness, challenge the spirit in the best of ways.

Here’s to that cup going to the USA. This country has really been on a seriously awesome roll for the last week, let’s keep it going, girls. USA, USA!

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 645: kicking and screaming

  1. Love this………just got power back on……tornado warning here…….not happy!

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