gratitude-a-thon day 699: to hell with fashion


When I was young, like even pre-teenish, and then well into high school, whether it was raining buckets, or snowing balls, despite frigid Antarctic temps, I would choose fashion over warmth, cool clothes over being dry and comfortable while the elements were living la vida loca.


Fast forward to now. Today. I am googling down coats that could cover my feet, and face at the same time. Let me just say here, I already have two long down coats, and two short down coats. You might say I am down with down if you were that kind of person, which I am not.


This is how far I’ve fallen, that fashion has totally taken a backseat to being warm and cozy out there in the “new” weather. I look at the girls in their tiny skirts and little coats, and think, “cute.” But not as cute as warm. Warm is really, really cute.

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