gratitude–a-thon day 700: here’s johnny!

Harvard Street meets Hollywood.

You know how I love movies and celebs, and red carpets (and by the way, fashion alert: we here at the gratitude-a-thon, meaning ME here at the gratitude-a-thon will be watching the Emmy’s Sunday night for red carpet grading Monday morning), so isn’t it just stupid that I didn’t go and wait for the cast of Black Mass, who was in town last night to walk the crimson rug and view the new film at our very own Coolidge Corner Theater? There was helicopter traffic, it was such a big deal, and I didn’t go. What a loser! Anyway, Johnny Depp and Dakota Johnson (of 50 Shades of Gray fame), and Jesse Plemmons of Friday Night Lights, were all there, not to mention my actress friend and, director of my kid’s plays Shannon Lee Jones and her hubby. Hollywood in the hood. Wonder what Whitey was thinking?

The cast. Kind of freaking awesome, right?
Johnny! Damn.
He’s too freaking cool.
dakota johnson
Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin’s offspring.
Shannon Lee Jones and her husband walked the carpet and killed it!

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