gratitude-a-thon day 701: it would be funny if it weren’t so not funny


I’m sorry, but the only thing Donald Trump should be president of, is like, a tree house fort of fourth graders.

With all due respect to fourth graders everywhere.

He has Tourette’s Syndrome of the face. (MUST LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE MAG “BEST TWEETS, AND FACES.”)His expressions, most similar to an orangutan as far as I can tell, are inappropriate and childish. He’s more pompous than  Will Ferrell in Anchorman, and just as intelligent. He attacks other candidates like he’s reading from a Saturday Night Live skit script. Tina Fey, are you writing for Trump?

But of course, the clincher for me, the moment when I went from having my jaw hang down to my knees because of his buffoonery, to feeling like Alan Funt had come back from the dead and was compiling the ultimate Candid Camera show, was when he responded to Jake Tapper, who asked him about being unable to recognize the names of Middle Eastern enemies earlier in the month, “I can’t be expected to recognize Arab name after Arab name, ” said Trump.

Of course not, Donald. As president, we wouldn’t want to tax your teeny tiny brain with details about PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KILL US.

Democrats, charge your engines. This man, if you can even call him that,  has got to be stopped.

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