gratitude-a-thon day 707: church of gratitude

I guess I use gratitude as a form of religion (I would love for the Pope to be the head dude, because really this guy deserves his own breakaway faith and plus he has really good head gear).

I reach for gratitude everyday, but especially when I am overwhelmed, or sad, or feeling in general that life is treating me like the pile of poop emoji.Unknown-2

The act of focusing on what you have vs. what you don’t have is a winning strategy. You just keep turning things on their ear.

I am grinding it out right now, trying to make a bad situation bearable. I am focusing on fuzzy blankets, and tonight’s blood moon, and true friends. I am focusing on the quiet within myself that is powerful as a locomotive. I am resourceful when it comes to finding a path through the heavily wooded, muddy, cold. It’s never about how you fall, it’s only about how you get up.

This is what we do in the church of gratitude. We look for the good, we focus on the good. We live in the good, the silver linings. This is where we pray.

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