gratitude-a-thon day 724: when you’re proud and sad and your mascara runs

Her senior moment (so different from my senior moments!)

God, I hate endings.  Beginnings are exciting, and middles are comfortable, but endings suck. Unless it’s like, the ending of winter. The ending of winter is the freaking best. I LOVE THE ENDING OF WINTER.

Yesterday was one of the many endings that you must endure during senior year, which is a festival of goodbye’s and last’s. And I cry at every one of them. And do you think I wear waterproof mascara? No, I do not. Because who doesn’t love that look of crusty black tear stains?

Anyway, yesterday’s goodbye party was for soccer. It was senior day, which as you might have guessed, is to honor the seniors on the team. As if this wasn’t a sad enough day for us, consider that Ally has missed all, but three games this season, due to the fact that she tore her ACL, so you can imagine how difficult this was. Ally took the first ceremonious kick, which made me cry, because then she had to walk off the field, and all I wanted is for her to be able to play. When my husband gets sad, he wants to eat, so immediately he wanted like, a cake, like a six layer, thick buttercream frosting cake that might be slowly spinning around in one of those glass display cases in a really good diner.

Anyway, it was also lovely. And it was really nice to see that this team, who has been plagued with injury, had some fabulous players emerge. There were so many girls who had developed and thrived, since I last saw a game (I’m sorry, but I couldn’t go without Ally playing. It was too hard, so this was my first game in a long while). Anyway, this year, some parents made plastic banners of the seniors, and there was the traditional posters made by players, and speeches, and gifts, and lots of pictures and tears. It was awesome, and awesomely sad.

Check that box, BHS girls varsity soccer, DONE. If there were an emoji crying a river, it would be right here.

The dynamic duo, best pals, like sisters, Ally and Liz.
The dynamic duo, best pals, like sisters, Ally and Liz.

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