gratitude-a-thon day 725: the good in people, another reminder

Brutus the dog, with cuts on his paws (and socks to help him not lick) with his “sister.”

Today on Facebook an old high school friend posted about a man who saved her dog who was stuck in “a murky alligator canal,” and had been scratching on the sea wall that surrounded the canal to try and get himself out all night.

The man had just been hospitalized for blood clots in his lungs. Still, he saved the dog.

When I hear stories like this, I just think of all the good in people. The news bombards us continually, with the bad in people. Somehow that’s a bigger seller. And there is a lot of that. A lot of bad. But there is also a lot of pure goodness. Selfless acts that change the game.  Small kindnesses that remind us of our humanity.

It’s funny how even the tiniest thing one person can do for another, like give up a parking space, or hold open a door, can make us feel better about the whole world.

Gratitude to that man, who saved Brutus the dog. And reminded me how good a “good” story can be.

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