gratitude-a-thon day 765: when you’re too busy to gratitude-ify


It’s not that the holiday season doesn’t present a lot to be grateful for, it’s that it makes you busy and tired and not able to sit yourself down to gratitude-ify.

Some stuff that I’ve been hella grateful for this past week:

  1. My kids. So good to have Jake on this side of the country. I miss him so much when he’s at school. I even love the big fat mess his room is.
  2. White lights. White lights. White lights. The more, the better.
  3. The smell of pine needles is happy.
  4. Friends are good. I love mine.
  5. I did not, despite my best efforts, ever get my holiday card out this year (LOSER), but I absolutely love getting a card in the mail. Especially those with photos.
  6. My sister’s turkey (via Uncle Louie) was delicious.
  7. My friend Danielle made me the pretzel crack. And my friend Karen gave me the a tub of the best potato chips this girl has ever eaten. (Not actually sure if these two are friends or not, come to think of it).
  8. We have been sold out of Star Wars for three days. We’re in today, YES.
  9. I got a new client right before Christmas, and I am really excited to start their project!
  10. I love my bed. Have I ever mentioned that?

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