gratitude-a-thon day 803: when everybody says happy birthday


You can say all the negative things you want about Facebook. You can drone on how it’s just for old people now (guilty), how it’s a place for bullies, how it makes people depressed about how not fabulous their life is in comparison to everybody else’s, as my cousin Wyatt so aptly put it, “highlights reel,” but there’s nothing like having a Facebook birthday.

I know some of the messages just say the obvious, “Happy birthday,” and that Facebook actually reminds you that it’s someone’s birthday like six times a day, (I wish they could remind me of everything), but it’s still nice, it’s still fun to have droves of people wishing you a happy.

The best messages are the ones that extol your beauty, or tell you that you look much younger than you really are. These messages are foolish, and not at all true, but on your birthday, who cares, if they make you feel good?

The picture posts are good, too. My daughter posted a nice photo of me when I was much younger. That was kind of fun to see how much cuter I was back then (although it did prompt a thorough search of quickie plastic surgery remedies for the aged). There were beach pics, and balloons, and illustrations, too. All awesome.

Anyway, viva la book of the face’s birthday policy. It’s a good one.

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