gratitude-a-thon day 804: “crazy rug lady in aisle four”


I got a new rug! My family thinks I’m a little bit rug crazy. I am not.  “Mom got another rug,” one of my kids will say.” Then my husband and my kids will all shoot each other the look. The look that says, “Mom is a litle rug crazy.”

They used to think I was “side table crazy,” but now that we don’t actually have enough side tables for some rooms in our house, they don’t call me that anymore. I did stop buying them when they started to tease me, but gosh, I’m just helpless in the face of a delicate detail on a sweet little table, or a perfect patina, scratched and worn.

Anyway, rugs are wildly expensive. Did you know this? I mean you can spend a year of college tuition on a rug, easily (head on over to my favorite rug purveyor ABC Capret and tell me I’m wrong), not that I’m anywhere near that neighborhood of crazy rug lady spending. If you had to categorize me, you’d put me in the “sale rug nutbags.”

That’s the thing. If you’re looking for rugs that aren’t 10 katrillion dollars,  you have to buy them on sale. This might not be when you’re looking for a rug, but if you’re a savvy shopper, you know that you have to have your eye open for a rug sale at all times (even when you’re sleeping). So, this may be why some people (MY FAMILY) might have gotten the idea that I might be slightly unbalanced about rugs.  because I buy ’em when I see ’em. And some people (MY FAMILY) just don’t recognize the financial intelligence of this.

So, my new rug? I got it at Anthropologie. It was originally like $1,200, but I got it for the sale price of $699.00, on a day when they were taking 40% off, so I paid $524 for it. Actually $524.96, if you want to get technical. This is a great price. And what’s even better, is this is a great rug. It’s gorgeous. It’s thick wool, and a beautiful pattern.


And that’s what I’m grateful for today. I am really grateful for this rug. Yes, the rug makes me feel a big swimming pool of gratitude. Which, you know, shows that it is the little things, in this case an 8 x 10 thing, but still.  And just to clarify, not every rug gets this much gratitude from me (you know, in case you too, were beginning to think my family was right about me, which I assure you they are not).  I’ve ordered rugs online before and sometimes it does not end well. It isn’t the quality you thought, it isn’t the color it looked, it smells funny. But not this rug. This rug is just perfect. Ah, rug-atitude!


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