gratitude-a-thon day 817: eddie redmayne



You know how you see a movie, and you’re all like, “That’s it, that performance just has to win the Oscar.” And then you see another movie, and then you think, “NONONO, THAT’S THE PERFORMANCE that should win the Oscar.”  Yeah, well that’s what happened last night, when I saw The Danish Girl.

I was all about Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, sleeping in dead horses, and trudging through snow in -15 degrees (you know, like basically last winter), and eating raw bison liver–JAYSUS. But last night seeing Eddie Redmayne, playing real life painter Elenar Wegenar, who had always identified as a woman, but lived as a man, and finally, with the help of his wife, has sexual reassignment surgery, in a time when such a thing had never even been thought of, let alone, done, was a revelation, a fucking revelation.

This performance was out of this world amazing, It’s nuanced, and heartbreaking, and  beautifully fragile, and Superman powerful. The unbreakable love between husband and wife, is jaw dropping. If this relationship doesn’t get you, you come from Jupiter. I will have on my Eddie Redmayne cheerleading outfit next Sunday night. Cha cha cha boochie.



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