gratitude-a-thon day 818: today

Gratitude roundoup: February 23, 2016


Socks. Underrated and undervalued. I’m the first to shed them when the weather gets warm, but damn, when it’s cold out there, Go Sox, I mean socks.


The reappearance of the sun. I really want to give that star a star. Even the bad shit looks not so bad when the sun is walking the great runway in the sky.



On Demand/Netflix. Once upon a time, 258 years ago, when I was a kid, there were three channels: NBC, ABC, & CBS. Now there are more channels than I have gray hairs, and all sorts of options for watching first run movies right in your house, right on your couch, right in your underwear. Gasp. Joyful sigh. Full-on hallelujah chorus.


Turkey Bacon. With only 40 calories a slice, need I even say one more thing?


Friends. People who will pull you out of gloomy circumstances with tulips, and texts, and telephone calls,  who will come over with groceries, and cookies, and tea, and sympathy, who will meet you for a walk with one minute’s notice, listen until their ears go numb. Those people. THEM.


Adele. Period.

3 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 818: today

      1. Bought all 3 of her CDs for my husband’s birthday in Jan, and have been playing them ever since.

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