gratitude-a-thon day 835: a note to spring



Dear Spring.

Welcome, you have been missed. But wait, what is it in the forecast? SNOW on Sunday to usher you in? What, have you had one too many Mint Juleps in the green room, waiting to make your debut, and you got a little lost on what you’re supposed to do? Turn on the sun, Spring, not the snow. Have you not been doing this since, like, the beginning of time?

Listen, we had a lovely and mild winter. If you were in those meetings, I thank you for that break, and for answering Boston’s prayers for some make-up sex because of last winter’s bad behavior. Nice job. It was appreciated by all, I can tell you.

But snow on the very weekend of your arrival, c’mon, you’re confused. I think you should reconsider. Do some thinking, I implore you. I already put away the sleeping bag coat and the furry boots. And that is probably why this is happening to start with? Ok, Spring, just try and pull yourself together. It is an “S” word we’re looking for, but it’s sun, not snow. I’m pulling for you. I know you can right your course.

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