gratitude-a-thon day 836: out of africa



The Tip O’ Neil Federal building is nothing special in terms of looks, in fact, it’s pretty drab, but this cool mobile, and this bit of roof were very cool.


Ally and I took a trip to the Tip O’Neil Federal building yesterday to renew our passports because drum roll, we’re going to Africa! We are way excited, and if I can make it on the 20 hour flight with my back, we’ll be golden (more about trip later).

But can I just tell you how confusing it was to wade through the passport shit online. I am a fairly intelligent person. Do not use my potty mouth as a way to tell if I am smart. I know plenty of other vocabulary words other than “fuck,” but that word just happens to suit all of my needs. Anyway, back to the Tip O’Neil Federal building. I had a 3:00 conference call, which I thought would be no problem, since we had a 1:30 appointment, and we are just 20 minutes away. But apparently, out of the mouth of the very nice and official policeman/security guard/special forces passport dude — not really sure what he was–they were very busy and behind schedule, which was not usual, and he made some joke about it snowing Sunday and everybody wanting to escape to the Caribbean. Lines, and more lines, and then a forgotten confirmation number, which THANK YOU PASSPORT GOD, they let me waive by using my social security number. Then a fuck-up in my paperwork, which I got lucky wth, because I brought 10,000 papers I’d printed prior, and by accident had the right thing with me in that fat pile.

The passports are in process! That means, Stage One: African adventure is happening! Stage Two: visas, and Stage Three: shots are a few weeks away, just ahead of stage Four: packing. Gratitude for the anticipation of an amazing trip. Man, I love the anticipation phase!


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