gratitude-a-thon day 855: kindness


There are some days that are shit. Plain and simple. But one person smiles unexpectedly, or lets you have the parking spot, or the dry cleaner thanks you for your business in a quite sincere manner, and BOOM, you feel a softening in your soul, your personal sunshine has been restored. This is the supersonic power of kindness.

Thing is, kindness doesn’t have to be Empire State Building sized to have an effect. The smallest act can work like a train bounding down the tracks. And kindness doesn’t mean that you have to give over your power, or your tiara, you can have both, and in fact having both is the optimal.

Kindness is right up there with gratitude on my shelf of tools that can change the world. I try and use them to make my own space better, but if we all used them, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

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