gratitude-a-thon day 856: i love new york


I love Boston. I do. It’s been my home for more years than I’d like to admit I’ve been living, let alone living HERE.

But New York.

We usually hit New York at least once a year, but for a variety of reasons, we have not been there in maybe three. Peter Christmas gifted me with tickets to Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, and so we had to go this past weekend.

And I was instantly reminded how much I love New York (is this he reason that ad campaign was so legendary, perhaps).

If A.D.D. and optimism and beauty and sadness and majesty and confidence and wit and charm and grit all got married and had a baby, it would be New York.

Every story is happening in that city. As I always like to say, “You can get anything in New York, and if you walk to the next block, you can get it cheaper.”

We did a lot of fun stuff, including seeing Billy at MSG, visiting the 911 Memorial, which is stunning, and very emotional. Last minute, we got tickets to the Carole King musical Beautiful, which was a super fun blast from the past, we ate a lot of food. (A lot, lot of food), and walked a lot of miles. (A lot, lot of miles.) There’s so much to see in New York, you walk around and don’t even notice you’re walking. We ran into a Bernie Sanders parade that really got me. There was so much passion for Bernie marching up Lafayette, you had to get swept up in it. I hate to say it, but sadly, I can’t really imagine a parade like this for Hillary, even though I’m voting for her (oh, the conflict within…..) We stayed in a super cool brand new hotel called 11 Howard in Soho, which was fabulous. We saw our good friend Lily, who just transferred to NYU and who showed us around her new campus. Of course we shopped, and visited one of my top stores ever in my list of shopping meccas–ABC Carpet. If I were a store, I would be that store. And did I mention we walked? Um, yeah, just ask my feet.

We love you, Lily!

Peter and I will always be grateful for Manhattan because it’s where we met. But there are as many more reasons to love it as there are people jammed into all those buildings. And I do.


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