gratitude-a-thon day 858: the grace space

grace spacequotescover-JPG-45

Last week I saw my cousin. You would like her. She is smart (she used to work for Carly Fiorina), and beautiful (a stunner), and crazy capable (she’s raised four incredibly kind and successful kids about a minute apart).

Not that many years ago, in her late 40’s, she had breast cancer. She is healthy now, but she was telling me about a fundraiser where she’d be sharing that experience (she works at a private school). And we got into the discussion of how when you are facing something down that threatens your life, you get very clear about what is important, and very grateful for every second of every minute of every day. She gave it a name–“the grace space, ” which is kind of a brilliant way to describe this concept.

She’s been there, and I’ve been there, and probably most people at one time or another have visited that hallowed ground. The problem is, seems the grace space is impossible to stay inside of. It’s a slippery box. Seems we can only stay inside of it when our way of life is at risk. So, we talked about how to achieve the feeling, without the threat.

We, um, didn’t come up with an answer.

But just talking about it, is a good thing. I try to do it with gratitude, with focusing on what it is that I am grateful for each day, but it’s not the same thing as when you think you might be facing something that will dramatically change your way of life and the world suddenly comes into technicolor and everything, EVERYTHING seems magical.

I am grateful for my cousin. She is awesome. And I’m a little in love with this idea of the grace space and how to achieve more time inside of it than outside of it (minus the life threatening illness, or other horrible event that always gives you a ticket to the show).


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