gratitude-a-thon day 857:boz


Seems I’ve been on some kind of personal oldies tour this week (maybe this happens when you’re old?) Friends surprised me with a birthday gift of tickets to Boz Scaggs last night (yes, my birthday was in January, but isn’t a gift you get months later even better?!)

Anyway, I was sort of excited because I get excited watching the guys who drum on plastic containers, but I hadn’t remembered all of the great songs that were his. BOOM, at 71 he killed it. A true musician with an amazing band. The tour could be called “Songs from when you didn’t have wrinkles.”

Damn, live music is transformative. And the stuff from your youth brings you right back there. Major gratitude to Boz, and Georgia, and It’s Over, and What Can I Say and Harborlights, and Lido, and Look What You’ve Done to Me, and We’re All Alone, and Lowdown, and Tim and Joanna!

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