gratitude-a-thon day 863: five things about gratitude you should know


When you hear the word gratitude, certain things come to mind. Like for instance, Thanksgiving (particularly the mashed potatoes or stuffing, oh sorry, that’s just me), or a cheesy quote your Aunt put on Facebook, or a church sermon (with all due respect).

But here are five things you might not have considered when you hear the G-word.

  1. Gratitude does not have to be loud. It can be 100% internal. You do not have to shout about what you’re feeling grateful for. It’s nice to spread the word, but by all means, practicing gratitude without talking about it, is still practicing gratitude.
  2. Speaking of practice, gratitude is like doing push-ups. The first time you do them, you’re all like, “this shit is too hard.” But the more you practice gratitude, the more easily it becomes part of your routine, and the better your life will become. And by the way, I’m not saying you’re going to wake up tall and blonde (unless you are tall and blonde), I’m just saying, that the act of noticing what you have is a life-enriching act.
  3. Gratitude is contagious. Like a case of the chickenpox, when you start living with an eye out for gratitude, those around you start to do it, too.
  4. Gratitude loves the little things. There is not one thing on this green earth that can’t be cause for a minor celebration. The wonder of this whole party has gratitude written all over it.
  5. Teaching kids about gratitude is a powerful way to start changing the world. When you are focusing on what it is you have, and doing the happy dance in honor of it, you aren’t wasting energy on “wanting.” You’re creating good internal feelings, instead of negative ones. Bring that into the world, and see how it effects people. Chain reaction, baby.

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