gratitude-a-thon day 864: telling it like it is

Public and Private check boxes written on a blackboard.

I have a privacy issue. Which is to say, I am not at all private.

Here’s how I see it. When I share the good, the bad, and the ugly, whether it’s on this blog, or social media, or in a conversation, I’m being a real person, with cellulite, and bad moods, and a difficult dad, and parenting struggles, and a mouth a sailor would be embarrassed by. In other words, imperfect, but a flesh and blood person.

Some people think they open themselves up on social media by giving a blow-by-blow of their days—“And then I got a parking ticket while I was at the dentist having my lower left molar filled.” But this isn’t sharing, so much as it is a calendar of events.

See, I am interested in real people–in what they do when they fail, in how they get up and at it. I’m interested in hearing about the ugly (but honest) underbelly of a person, in addition to their fabulosity.

Social media is creating a population of one dimensional clones.

I am grateful I’m ok enough to be out there with my imperfections. The real upside is that it allows others to share who they are and what they think. That seems a really good thing to me.


6 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 864: telling it like it is

  1. I 100% agree with this post! Authenticity is so important, and it seems as though I’m finding it less and less on social media – it’s hard to know what’s real! So thank you for sharing your genuine self 🙂

  2. Toni, I’ve developed many “warts” over the years, and would one day like to share them with you, but, for me, an open forum like this is not the place. I’m sure that some of my thoughts and feelings might help other people that went through the same “warts” as me, but I’m just not as BRAVE as you. I admire you for that! I wish I were braver!

    1. not everyone likes me for this trait! some people want to put a whole watermelon in my mouth so i will stop already. but it’s just the way i am. maybe someday you and i will privately trade wart stories. xo

  3. Would love to trade stories sometime. Until then, I’d never put a watermelon in your mouth because it takes people like you to draw out people like me!

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