gratitude-a-thon day 887: sleep


Not one pair of these is mine. Just saying.

There are so many shoes in the hallway right now, you’d literally think there were six kids that lived in this house, or like two shoe-wearing octopuses (and yes, I thought the plural was octopi, but turns out it’s not–learn something new everyday).

I am tired. Like that deep, internal, supersonic kind of exhaustion that will take some time to dissipate. It’s both physical and emotional. Prom, graduation, having my college son home doing an internship, wondering what it will be like to have an emptied out nest. It’s all fodder for fatigue. Not to mention a trip to Africa one month from tomorrow, with its 20 hour flight that is freaking me out just a little (note to spine: BEHAVE).

These are all good things, things I am grateful for. But I am tired. I need to sleep. And sleep. And sleep. And then, pick up the shoes.



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