gratitude-a-thon day 886: a woman is running for president


I do not love Hillary (and I know there are loads of people who hate her). I don’t feel passion for her like I feel for Bernie, or like I felt for Obama, but I do like her. And I know she has the goods. I know she is really smart, and really competent. The woman was secretary of state AND first lady. She knows the deal (in a way that her unintelligible, unqualified and all together disgusting racist pig opponent does not and will never know).

And while she doesn’t make my heart beat faster, I am really excited that we’re finally at a place where  a woman is the nominee for president of the United States. This is history, people. I mean, it’s amazing. Truly remarkable. There is a chick who is going to be in the Oval Office (or anyway, we better fucking hope she is). It’s really Goddamn unbelievable.

For every little boy that’s told he can grow up and be president, there is now a little girl who can get the same message, and not in some hypothetical way. And THAT, I do love.


2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 886: a woman is running for president

  1. amen, sistah!and it could be your awesome daughter!congrats on a job well done (x2).  you must be so proud!xo

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